Making a Change!
Laneice McGee
About Laneice:  Her goal in life is to push others towards their destiny.  She is an Entrepreneur, and has a passion for those who take a risk to create their future.  Co-Founder of two companies Big, Beautiful & Blessed and World Wide Assist.  Wanted to share this opportunity with youth and create an opportunity for entrepreneurs to help create a pipeline for youth.

Bet you didn't know:  I love to sing! But I was not Born to sing!  I need to drink more water and I am not an early morning person. I work hard to find JOY in everything I do . I also find GOOD in every person I met.

Executive Director/ Founder
"Love what you do, or change what you do. "

Wisconsin Community Services
Community Improvement & Job Training Program
506 East Burleigh Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 837 – 4781
The Community Improvement & Job Training Program aims to prevent and stop young adults from participating in negative behaviors, such as crime and alcohol or drug use.  The program connects participants with educational resources, job training/placement, career pathways counseling, and AODA education, through targeted group activities and one-on-one mentoring.  

5460 N. 64th Street 
Milwaukee, WI 53218
Silver Spring Neighborhood Center has been helping the residents of Westlawn, Wisconsin’s largest public housing development, become self-sufficient, contributing members of society since 1958.
  Entreprenurs/ Mentors
  1. Entrepreneur/ Youth Mentor
    Dominik Primus
    EmpoWEred 4 Purpose
  2. Entrepreneur/ Youth Mentor
    Courtney Barlow
    Full Court Photos
  3. Entrepreneur/ Youth Mentor
    Benetria McGowan
    Aspired Ink LLC/ Gifted Youth Plaza Inc
  4. Entrepreneur/ Youth Mentor
    Tracey Dent
    Peace for Change Alliance, Inc
  5. Entrepreneur/ Youth Mentor
    Keisha Russell
    Infallible Helping Hands 414-219-9046
  6. Entrepreneur/ Youth Mentor
    Luminocity Enterprise
  1. Entrepreneur/ Youth Mentor
    Cynthia Brown
    C Renee Consulting and Management Group LLC 414-982-5292
  2. Entrepreneur/ Youth Mentor
    Quinlan Bishop
    Save Our Soul 414-837-8666
  3. Entrepreneur/ Youth Mentor
    Holly McCoy
    President- YNPN
  4. Entrepreneur/ Youth Mentor
    Vicki Barlow
    IVARI Bowties by Vicki Barlow
  5. Supporter/Sponsor
    E- Media James Lindsey
  6. Supporter/Sponsor
    A pest 2 go Pest Management Channel Fitzpatrick
    (414) 334-7588
  7. Supporter/Sponsor
    Corinthian Lodge No. 5 1218 W. North Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53205!corinthian-lodge-no-5/c2pn
  8. Supporter
    Big, Beautiful & Blessed